Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us!

And for the last 13 years I have been chosen by many brides to style their hair on their special day. As a hairstylist, you would think I go in, do the hair, get paid and say congrats then walk out. But the way it has been for me, I'm usually there to put the veil on the bride. I am one of the first to see the final look. It is such a beautiful moment and so full of emotion and great joy. When I see that the bride is completely ready, then that is when I know my job has been done.  I , at times find myself doing more as if I was a wedding planner. I treat my brides as if she were a part of my family. I would only want her to be completely satisfied, feel absolutely GORGEOUS and ready to say " I do." - Anna


On the other side

 When you work in the Beauty Industry, whether you are the model, hairdresser, makeup artist or photographer you have to be open to constructive criticism. Be open to learning and stay humble. Everyone in that room has a creative eye, and at times because of their experience or vision can see something you didn't. Having been in the industry for over 10yrs and working bts for photoshoots, NY fashion week and live shows I have learned a lot. My daughter Alyssa has always loved acting, and singing. Performing is her thing! This year she was signed to the Neal Hamil model agency in Houston, Texas. This is definitely a new beginning for the both of us. My role as a Hairstylist on set is now Mom/Hairstylist and at times just mom. This will be interesting. I wish my daughter the best of luck with wherever the future leads her. All I can do is guide her and use my knowledge to insure the best decisions are made. Enjoy her photoshoot credits: by JWG Photography in Austin, Texas (South Congress)

New York Editorial shoot

New York in September. What an amazing 5 days for Lauren and I. One of our best moments is shooting with the fabulous French model Romane and the talented photographer Anna Bazhanova. Of course Lauren Garcia on makeup and myself on hair. Shooting around Manhattan was an adventure on its own. Romane is a true model and I was amazed at the way she worked the camera. As we walked past the crowds of people walking the blocks of New York, people couldn't help but to stare at our beautiful model. Anna has an eye for location and putting a story together in each of her shots. All in all we made a great team that day and happy to say our shoot was featured in Lucy's Magazine. Here you will see some of our work from that beautiful Friday afternoon. Enjoy, 

SXSW 2015

One of my favorite times of the year in Austin. Artist from all over come to my city! It's like a wave of passion and ambition rushing through the city. People chasing their dreams. Well this year Lauren and I were hired to be a part of PRIV. PRIV is based out of New York. It's an app on your phone that lets you request wellness services on location. We met so many people and worked events doing hair and makeup. The best thing about it, we get to work in NY on our next girls trip!!