On the other side

 When you work in the Beauty Industry, whether you are the model, hairdresser, makeup artist or photographer you have to be open to constructive criticism. Be open to learning and stay humble. Everyone in that room has a creative eye, and at times because of their experience or vision can see something you didn't. Having been in the industry for over 10yrs and working bts for photoshoots, NY fashion week and live shows I have learned a lot. My daughter Alyssa has always loved acting, and singing. Performing is her thing! This year she was signed to the Neal Hamil model agency in Houston, Texas. This is definitely a new beginning for the both of us. My role as a Hairstylist on set is now Mom/Hairstylist and at times just mom. This will be interesting. I wish my daughter the best of luck with wherever the future leads her. All I can do is guide her and use my knowledge to insure the best decisions are made. Enjoy her photoshoot credits: by JWG Photography in Austin, Texas (South Congress)

www.jwgphotography.com/  www.nealhamilagency.com

Alyssa getiing her makeup done by Beatrice Patterson. Houston Texas 01/2019